Haven Hold

Author: Shelley Penner

Release Date: October 06, 2020

Pages: 250

Daniel's mutant eyes mark him in a future world where mutants are considered 'devil's spawn', less than human, fit only for slavery. With enhanced vision and hearing, Daniel has survived despite a lifetime of rejection and betrayals. Hunted and driven into the northern wilderness, he finds a secure home in a hidden valley, but he remains solitary. Then he risks his life to save two normal holders and wins the chance to find true friendship at last, if he can only bring himself to trust once again.

Bob and Avery Go to Space

The Adventures of Bob and Avery: Book 2

Written by Kay J Douglas & Illustrated by Eric Gardiner

Release: September 22, 2020

The squeal to the best selling Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch. Join Bob and Avery as they go to space! See the return of the famous cats, along with Kay J Douglas and Eric Gardiner .

Both Sides Now

Authors: Derek Hanebury, Vicki Drybrough & Libbie Morin.

Release Date: March 24, 2020

Pages: 176

Both Sides Now is a thought-provoking collection of short stories by Vancouver Island writers Derek Hanebury, Vicki Drybrough, and Libbie Morin. Ranging in time from the 1950s to the present, these stories will draw the reader in to the world of a boy and his younger brother who struggle to find the perfect gift for their ailing grandfather, a troubled veteran who tries to escape the past by settling in a small community, and a young girl who goes to the circus alone and encounters more than she imagined. From beginning to end, you will enjoy stories that are crafted with empathy and insight to give the reader a satisfying experience.

Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch

The Adventures of Bob and Avery: Book 1

Written by Kay J Douglas & Illustrated by Eric Gardiner

Release: October 08, 2019

Two cats, Bob and Avery, spend their Halloween searching for Helga the Witch’s friend Bones the Skeleton. Join them on their spooky adventure around town and say hello to festive friends along the way!


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