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Both Sides Now

Authors: Derek Hanebury, Vicki Drybrough & Libbie Morin.

Release Date: March 24, 2020

Pages: 176

Both Sides Now is a thought-provoking collection of short stories by Vancouver Island writers Derek Hanebury, Vicki Drybrough, and Libbie Morin. Ranging in time from the 1950s to the present, these stories will draw the reader in to the world of a boy and his younger brother who struggle to find the perfect gift for their ailing grandfather, a troubled veteran who tries to escape the past by settling in a small community, and a young girl who goes to the circus alone and encounters more than she imagined. From beginning to end, you will enjoy stories that are crafted with empathy and insight to give the reader a satisfying experience.

Praise for Both Sides Now

"This is a rich varied set of stories. It offers a wide pallet of narrative styles and situations to carry readers more deeply into thoughtful consideration of the world." - Peter Mcguire, Author of The Art of Twelve

"If you are wanting to read a book full of diverse subject matter, incredibly detailed settings and interesting characters, then you will appreciate this compilation as much as I did." ​ - Laura Sturgeon, Author of The Big Ugly Sweater

"A kaleidoscope of human stories, from a little girl alone with a potential predator to a hilarious, disastrous camping trip, from prejudice to compassion, love and friendship to fear and loss." - Shelley Penner, Author of Haven Hold

Featured Content

Haven Hold

Author: Shelley Penner

Release Date: October 06, 2020

Pages: 250

Daniel's mutant eyes mark him in a future world where mutants are considered 'devil's spawn', less than human, fit only for slavery. With enhanced vision and hearing, Daniel has survived despite a lifetime of rejection and betrayals. Hunted and driven into the northern wilderness, he finds a secure home in a hidden valley, but he remains solitary. Then he risks his life to save two normal holders and wins the chance to find true friendship at last, if he can only bring himself to trust once again.

A Kind of Seeing

Forward: Shelley Penner

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Pages: 32

Imprint: RCN Shorts

Will Carrick, the son and heir to Laird Carrick, remains depressed and lost after getting blinded in a riding accident a year earlier. His grandmother, Old Anna, is a clairvoyant. When she tells him he must go on a quest to find a vocation, the idea of refusing never even occurs to him, though the prospect fills him with dread. She tells him he may take one companion with him as a guide. Will chooses young Sparrow, an orphaned stableboy new to the castle and essentially a stranger to him. To help Will on the journey, Old Anna has given him a talisman, a pebble she says will give him 'a kind of sight'.

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Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch

The Adventures of Bob and Avery: Book 1

Written by Kay J Douglas & Illustrated by Eric Gardiner

Release: October 08, 2019

Two cats, Bob and Avery, spend their Halloween searching for Helga the Witch’s friend Bones the Skeleton. Join them on their spooky adventure around town and say hello to festive friends along the way!

A Letter From the Publisher

RCN Media has been a long time fan of working with authors to bring their books into the world. With a highly skilled team, run by Colton Nelson, working around the clock to make these books happen. 2020 will be RCN Media's publishing biggest year with more than 6 book lined up by more than 6 amazing authors from around the world. Wait for announcements about some of the new authors.

If you would like to have your work published by RCN Media you can contact us using the button below. Please note that we prefer if you had a finished book (short story or novella), but it is not mandatory. We will also take first drafts and outlines.

RCN Media Book Series

Haven Hold

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OUT: March 02, 2021

OUT: July 2021


Colton Nelson is the author of over 20 novels and short stories. His bestseller FEELINGS has been read more than two times. Along with being an author, Colton also works for The Online Commentary, a blog on current events, fun facts, and news. Colton is also a publisher, promoter, and director for RCN Media. His newest novel will be out in 2021/2022. You can find out more about Colton at coltonthekid.com.

Shelley Penner: A long time ago in a town far, far away, Shelley came into the world, and neither she nor it have ever been the same since. Shelley has always been a creator in many disciplines -- drawing, painting and photography as well as writing. She says, “I have always had a head full of stories. As a child I would put myself to sleep by living scenes in my imagination until I dozed off. I didn’t just make up stories, I became a part of them, I felt all the emotional nuances of the characters. Eventually, my head became so full of those imaginary people, demanding their chance to be made real in words, that I just had to start writing.”

Early literary influences include the queen of sci-fi, Andre Norton, and Marion Zimmer Bradley, both of whose novels still maintain a permanent place in Shelley’s personal library.

Kay J Douglas is a Canadian author known for her Adventures of Bob and Avery series. Kay lives on Vancouver Island, where she is probably napping with her family of animals: two cats (Bob and Avery), a dog (Zeus), and her boyfriend. She is also working on an upcoming novel for young adults, coming out in 2020. You can find out more at www.kayjdouglas.com, or follow her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bobandavery.

Derek Hanebury is a Vancouver Island writer of fiction, poetry, and narrative non-fiction. His poems and stories have been published in many magazines and broadcasted on CBC radio; and his first novel, Ginger Goodwin: Beyond the Forbidden Plateau, (Arsenal Pulp) went to a second printing. His first book of poetry Nocturnal Tonglen (Ekstasis)was released in 2006. He has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from UBC and taught writing at North Island College on Vancouver Island until his retirement into full-time writing in 2017.

Vicki Drybrough’s work was first published in her local newspaper when she was fourteen. She didn’t submit another piece until 2008, when Shipwrecked received an honourable mention from the Burnaby Writers’ Society. Between 2010 and 2013 her poems and short stories were published in a variety of anthologies and literary journals. Stuart McLean read her short story Macaroni and Cheese, on CBC Radio in October 2011 and published it in his book, Time Now for the Vinyl Café Story Exchange in 2013. In 2014, Mark Forsyth included two of her articles, My Mother’s War and A Boy Soldier’s Diary in his book, From the West Coast to the Western Front. She was a finalist in the 2016 Cedric Literary Awards for her story, Access Road. In 2018, Mr. Wardrop, won second prize in the Victoria Writers’ Society’s short fiction contest and appeared in the winter edition of Island Writer Magazine. Vicki is a founding member of Words on Fire and has read at The Fat Oyster, Wordstorm and 15 Minutes of Infamy. She is currently working on her first novel.

Eric Gardiner is a Zimbabwean born freelance artist and digital illustrator. At the age of nine, his family immigrated to South Africa, establishing a new life. Ten years later, while completing a degree in Digital Arts at The University of the Witwatersrand, he seized the opportunity to illustrate The Adventures of Bob and Avery. He enjoys illustrating architecture, animals and abstract designs. In addition to a passion for art he is also an enthusiastic to work on video game development.

Libbie Morin embarked on her creative writing path while a student at North Island College. She loves to write about her diverse life experiences: growing up in Toronto, living on an isolated island off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, hanging with the artist's community in Tofino and generally ferreting out the poignant and bizarre. She won the E. Bickle Award for Writing at NIC and has had work published in the premier issue of NIC Zeitgiest, the E-zine Pages of Stories. and most recently, in Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast. She continues her spoken-word involvement with Words on Fire.

Gail Morton was born in New Denver, BC, and inspired by childhood adventures in the wilds of England and BC, Gail is passionate about bringing a fresh, fun, wonder-filled approach to writing and illustrating children's books about our relationship and responsibility to the natural world. After a career as a primary teacher, this comes naturally and joyfully. Today inspiration comes from her home, shared with her husband, in Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island where Coho struggle upstream through their yard on a yearly mission to spawn. And from the nearby forests, streams, wild flora and fauna which nurture her and which she hopes to help preserve for children young and old. And from the Alberni Aquarium where she volunteers, teaching about marine life through story, song, and crafts. You can find Gail studying about sustainability, researching and drawing an intriguing plant, animal, or insect, discussing veggie and fruit gardening with her hubby, constantly finding fun, creative ways to change old habits toward a more healing lifestyle for the sake of our beautiful world and its inhabitants. Or, kayaking, hiking, riding her e-bike, with sketchpad and pencils as constant companions. Gail can't wait for you to join her on this amazing journey of discovery and transformation through her children's books.

Writing since the age of 12, Laura Sturgeon has published her first short story compilation, In Bloom: A Collection of Short Stories for Women. In 2019 she published her first junior fiction novel, The Big Ugly Sweater. She has written numerous articles for the Canadian Mental Health Society as well as had some published pieces in the Alberni Valley News. She is an active member in the writing community on Vancouver Island, where she lives. She has completed two children's picture book manuscripts, plus has several junior and adult fiction novels in the works. Other than writing, Laura regularly partakes in community volunteerism and events and has worked in long term care homes as a health care aide.